Civil Action Fights for the Right to Share the Bible at School

Students claim they simply want to be able to share Bibles with their friends at school in ways that are not disruptive of any class or school program. In a statement, Mechanicsburg, Penn., Schools Superintendent Mark Leidy called a lawsuit by Christians in Action Club to protect that right a publicity stunt and says it contains inaccurate claims. (Thinkstock photo)

3 CBS Philly – A Pennsylvania district faces a federal lawsuit claiming officials improperly prevented a high school Christians in Action Club from passing out Bibles on school property during the school day.

The lawsuit filed Thursday by the club and parents of club leaders names as defendants Mechanicsburg Area School District, its superintendent and its high school principal. It says the policy violates the U.S. Constitution’s free speech and free exercise of religion protections.

It argues that letting the students give out Bibles during lunch wouldn’t interfere with educational activity. “Literature distribution and speech rights should be permitted during the school day at non-instructional times in non-disruptive manners,” said Jeremy Samek, senior counsel.

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