What could push the United States into another civil war?

Martin Mawyer, host of Shout Out Patriots and president of Christian Action Network.

Alec Rooney, News Editor, Christian Action Network

The Christian Action Network’s Shout Out Patriots podcast took on that topic on Jan. 11, but hey, we didn’t start it.

Right at New Year’s came a sudden flood of stories about Civil War II from the mainstream press.

The sudden burst of news stories from the mainstream media all curiously speak of civil war in our future. Some retired generals have expressed alarm that so many of the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters are military veterans. A new and suddenly much-quoted book by a political science professor, Barbara Walter, purports to tell us “How Civil Wars Start” while flaying Donald Trump.

Former President Jimmy Carter, once the worst president in American history but now fallen to about third place for that honor, says he fears “civil conflict” in America and a “widening abyss” unless people “set aside their differences.” To the left, of course, that means: “unless you decide we’re right.”

The Washington Post thought it might be a good time to take and publish a poll about when it is justified to “take violent action against the government.”

It’s almost like they want something to happen.

CAN President Martin Mawyer, Pastor Jason Binder, attorney David Carroll, CAN News Editor Alec Rooney and producer Michael Mawyer talked about where it could all be leading, why, and about the single even most likely to push furious Americans over the edge.

The first anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol incident, which prominent leftists have outlandlishly likened to Pearl Harbor, 9-11 and the Holocaust, was likely the occasion for all this talk, intended to portray Trump-supporting conservatives as a threat to a peaceful nation longing only for more Democratic rule and aching to embrace socialism.

Yet the only person outright killed on Jan. 6 was, interestingly, a conservative, small-business-owning, female U.S. military veteran, shot to death by a trigger-happy Capitol Police officer who was curiously the only one who felt threatened enough that day to actually fire a shot.

We also look at who is really targeting government buildings in an attempt to enact their agenda by force and by threat of violence:

As recently as Oct. 14, 2021 climate activists breached the Interior Department shouting “Go inside! Go inside!” Some vandalized the building; others pinned police against a wall. There were several injuries and a police officer was hospitalized.

In February of 2021 union workers stormed the Wisconsin Capitol Building and actually occupied it, setting up an information center, a sleeping area, a medic station and food stations, and dancing and beating on drums.

(None of them needed to be shot.)

In June 2020, four protesters upset over the death of George Floyd were arrested after breaching White House barricades and forcing Donald, Melania and Barron Trump to be rushed to a secure bunker.

In July 2020, Antifa rioters set fire inside a federal courthouse in Portland. In October of 2018 anti-Kavanaugh protesters took over the Hart Senate Office Building. In July 2013, pro-abortion demonstrators occupied the Texas Capitol.

The list goes on.

If Civil War 2 does begin, what will spark it? Watch or listen to our discussion on the Jan. 11 edition of Shout Out Patriots to find out.

You need to, because it was unanimous.

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