Climate Change Propagandists Use Walrus Hunt for Emotional Impact

A Netflix film claimed walruses were confused because of receding ice and falling to their deaths as a tragic consequence caused by man-made emissions that make earth warmer. But zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford counters, "This powerful story is fiction and emotional manipulation at its worst." Polar bears have been penning in and driving off walruses at this location for years as an easy kill opportunity. (Netflix still)

The Daily Mail – Walruses seen falling to their deaths as they scaled high cliffs to escape climate change could have died because they were being chased by polar bears, a zoologist has claimed.

Footage from Sir David Attenborough’s Netflix documentary Our Planet showed walruses plunging off 250ft high cliffs in northeast Russia. The animals were said to be making the dangerous climb to higher ground to escape receding sea ice due to warming seas.

Hundreds of walruses became confused by a combination of shrinking ice cover and their own poor eyesight, causing them to scale cliffs and often plummet to their deaths when they attempt to return to sea, the show stated.

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