CNN Walking Back Their Extremely Slanted Story ‘Still Unfolding’

CNN is walking back overtly harsh criticism of Catholic high school students filmed in a protest standoff with American Indians who came up to them beating a drum. Other longer videos surfaced showing a different story. ( photo)

CNN – A video that shows white high school students in Make America Great Again hats and shirts mocking a Native American elder shocked the country, leading to widespread denunciations of the teens’ behavior.

It was a moment in a bigger story that is still unfolding. A new video that surfaced Sunday shows what happened before and after the encounter Friday in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.
In the new video, another group taunts the students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky with disparaging and vulgar language. The group of black men . . . also shouts racist slurs at participants of the Indigenous Peoples Rally and other passersby.


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