Colorado Bill Would Coerce LGBTQ Doctrine in Schools

Dr. James Dobson, a leading Christian commentator for family values, warns that a Colorado House bill is toxic to family-based priorities by requiring any public sex education program to be polluted with pro-homosexual content. (CBN photo)

The Christian Post – The Colorado House passed a controversial bill requiring schools that offer sex education classes to either teach gay and lesbian issues and not focus on abstinence-only programs — or to provide no instruction on sexuality at all.

The “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education bill,” or HB1032, passed on a 39-23 vote on Tuesday, with one Democrat, Rep. Don Valdez of La Jara, voting “no” with the Republicans.

The legislation, backed by Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, would not require schools to teach sex education — but those that do could no longer offer “abstinence-only” curriculum.

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