Colorado Christian baker says transgender lawsuit was ‘a trap’

Matthew Staver/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

A Colorado baker continues to be harassed by transgender activists, simply because he does not wish to make the products they want, and now he is speaking out.

Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cakeshop rose to fame several years ago during a Supreme Court case – which he won – over his declining of an order for a same-sex couple’s “wedding” cake.

He has now been targeted again, this time for turning down an order of a cake to celebrate someone’s “gender transition.”

In the 2018 case over the “wedding” cake, the Supreme Court found that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed anti-religious bias in targeting Phillips for refusing to fill the order. The Court did not rule whether a business could claim religious objections in refusing service to gays or lesbians.

On the very same day that the high court agreed to hear Phillips’ case in the 2018 dispute, Phillips’ wife took a call from an attorney asking Phillips to make a birthday cake in celebration of the person’s “gender transition.” Phillips refused the order because of the item that was being ordered.

Colorado promptly went after Phillips again, which “prompted Phillips to file a lawsuit against the state, saying it had violated his First Amendment right to practice his faith and his right to equal protection under the 14th Amendment.”

Phillips told FOX News, “This customer had been tracking our case for multiple years. This case was just a request to get us to fall into a trap.”

Phillips said that in November 2020, he had a conversation with Autumn Scardina, the transgender person who requested the cake. Scardina said “if the case were rejected or dismissed, that they would be back the next day to request another cake order and then sue me and charge me again.”

At the trial this week, Scardina was asked if the move was “some sort of test” or a “setup.”

“I don’t like that phrase. I think it’s got a negative connotation,” Scardina said.


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