Colorado elementary school has racially segregated ‘families of color’ playground night

Centennial Elementary Playground time/ Twitter

Events in a Colorado school district suggest that the left does not want to end racism – not at all. They actually want new apartheid, the other way around.

Centennial Elementary School in Denver now hosts a “Families of Color Playground Night.” It’s even posted on the school’s announcement sign outside. Who wants to ask if “white” qualifies as a “color”?

According to The Daily Wire, it was City Journal writer Christopher Rufo who first called out a photo of the sign on Dec. 14, tweeting, “Denver Public Schools now promoting racially-segregated playtime — for ‘equity.’”

Denver Public Schools confirmed to Rufo that the event is real and ongoing. Spokesperson Scott Pribble said that the “Families of Color” playground nights “provide connections, support, and inspiration for families which share similar experiences, and come from similar backgrounds.”

Because all that stuff is merely about the color of your skin.

“Efforts like these are about uniting us, not dividing us,” Pribble claimed of the exclusive school event. In a statement to The Daily Caller, Pribble went on that the event came to be as a result of several black families requesting a “space of belonging” that apparently was uncontaminated by white people.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where Black families can meet one another, connect with one another and share their experiences about the school with one another,” The Daily Caller reported.

Try to imagine posting a sign to boost attendance at “White Families Playground Night.” That might make it easier to understand why Denver law professor Dave Kopel opined that discriminatory events such as these are very likely illegal.


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