Colorado mayor bans the Pledge of Allegiance

Silverton Mayor Shane Fuhrman/ Facebook

Citing mysterious “direct threats” and “general divisiveness of issues created in our community,” the mayor of a tiny, 550-person town in Colorado banned his Board of Trustees from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at public meetings.

Silverton mayor Shane Fuhrman, whose personal website is set to “private” and about whom no Wikipedia page even exists, imposed the ban on June 14 … Flag Day. Information about him is unusually scarce on the Internet.

The entire room of meeting attendees, along with two board members, stood and recited the pledge anyway, reported KDVR in Colorado. The drunk-with-power little mayor responded by threatening to boot them all from the meeting.

Fuhrman said he based his anti-flag edict on “direct and indirect threats and inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings and the general divisiveness of issues created in our community.”

It was unclear how banning the Pledge of Allegiance might solve those alleged problems, nor did Fuhrman describe the threats or comments that prompted his ban. He did say that the Pledge would be removed from agendas and protocols “until such time that we could discuss this at a board retreat or workshop.”

Silverton Trustee Molly Berla called the decision a “unilateral” one that undercut the board. Fuhrman replied that the matter was “not up for discussion at this moment.”

The incredible incident was captured on video and shared to Silverton’s YouTube page. It shows the whole crowd and a few trustees standing to recite the pledge in full before Fuhrman says, “I’d note that that’s out of order … I’m not going to ask everyone to leave tonight, but if something like that happens again I will.”


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