Congressional bill aimed at teaching the ‘dangers of communism’ to American students

Representatives María Elvira Salazar

In a move certain to make communist-friendly American politicians and media loudmouths see red, a number of House members have introduced a measure to help educate U.S. high schoolers about the dark, bloody, miserable history of communism.

The ideology is currently being pushed by many U.S. public figures who wish to be part of its thieving and tyrannical power structure.

On Dec. 2, representatives María Elvira Salazar (R-FL), Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Victoria Spartz (R-IN), Lloyd Smucker (R-PA), and 58 other House members introduced H.R. 6123, the Crucial Communism Teaching (CCT) Act.

The act would provide educational materials through the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to help high schoolers learn about the massacres, imprisonments, famines, slavery and shattered families that communist states have brought about. Key to the program would be teaching how contrary communism is to the founding principles of liberty and representative government in the United States.

The Never Again Educate Act, passed by the 116th Congress, created a similar program to teach American students about the attempted extermination of Jews during the Holocaust. The CCT Act framework is based on that program. It also continues similar efforts by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to enlighten American students on the repeated failures of communism throughout history and the human suffering it has caused.

“America is the freest, most prosperous country in the world. In one generation, my parents went from fleeing communist Cuba to seeing their daughter represent thousands of other exiles in the United States Congress,” said Rep. Salazar.

“The Castro regime claims that they’ve created a system of equality on the island. But the only equality that communism guarantees is being equally poor, equally hungry, and equally oppressed. The Crucial Communism Teaching Act will ensure that our future generations understand the tragic and gruesome history of communism. We must do everything in our power to preserve America’s founding principles of freedom, opportunity, and democracy. The fight to safeguard the American dream for generations to come starts here.”


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