Conn. Private School Punished Student for Views on Transgender

Cheshire Academy suspended a student because his views on transgenderism were not authorized or proper: he noted biological science regarding the fact that humans can never change sexes, but only pretend to do so. (Facebook photo)

Black Christian News – Parents of a teenage boy threatened to sue his Connecticut school for suspending him after he called transgenders sociopaths and said legalizing gay marriage was a slippery slope.

Cheshire Academy asked sophomore Michael Mancini to leave the $62,000-a-year academy after sharing his views with classmates and staff. His class discussed the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night, the fact that one of the female characters dresses as a male.

They spoke of it as an attempt by Shakespeare to put a positive light on transgenders. Michael said that during that time (circa 1600) society would never partake in that “sociopathic act.” Michael’s father, Theodore Mancini, shared it on a website.

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