Connecticut school board member shoves resident in the chest, gets punched in face

Board member pushes resident

School board meetings continue to be a main point of friction in America’s intensifying culture war, with a meeting leading to physical blows in Glastonbury, Conn. on the evening of Dec. 14 and a pushy board member ending up on the floor.

The Glastonbury Board of Education had forced a change in the mascot and name of a local school from the Glastonbury Tomahawks to the Glastonbury Guardians, reportedly at the request of the “National Congress of American Indians.”

The public were not pleased, and filed a petition to get the old name back. At a special hearing to discuss the matter it became clear that the change was only part of the problem; the way the board went about its “woke” crusade also rubbed people the wrong way.

“The processes need to be reviewed and the whole issue needs to be reviewed before the Guardians become a permanent logo or symbol or mascot for our town,” a Glastonbury citizen said during public comments at the meeting.

Some 40 residents spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, and finally one got into a verbal tussle with the board. When a board member told resident Mark Finocchiaro “your time is up,” Finocchiaro responded, “This is the history of our town,” referring to the Tomahawks name.

The Board member scolded him, “You’re not paying attention.”

“You’re not paying attention, but they are,” said an angry Finocchiaro, indicating the audience, before uttering an expletive.

That ended the public comments, but during a recess, when the board was supposed to be voting on the request, board member Ray McFall apparently came down in to the audience to confront Finocchiaro.

In a video provided to FOX61 by another citizen, a resident can be heard saying to McFall, “That’s unprofessional; why are you swearing at a citizen?”

Finocchiaro reportedly said to McFall, “You’re in my face?”

“Yeah, I’m in your face,” McFall responded, and when the board member shoved Finocchiaro into the auditorium seats Finocchiaro punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor.

The crowd separated the combatants. Police say no one has been arrested yet.


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