Conservative groups file suit against Binghamton University after campus altercation

Binghamton University College

Sometimes “cancel culture” can become a little too assertive and physically violent, and at New York’s Binghamton University that has resulted in a lawsuit.

According to the plaintiffs in the suit, Binghamton University College Republicans set up tables on November 14, 2019 to promote a lecture four days later featuring Dr. Arthur Laffer. Another group that disagreed with them descended on the event and overturned the table, which led to an altercation, reports

This led two organizations to file a federal lawsuit against Binghamton University administrators, the university’s police chief, a student organization, a non-student organization and a nonprofit, according to documents filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.

According to court documents filed July 22, Young America’s Foundation and Binghamton University College Republicans filed suit claiming constitutional violations. The suit names B.U. President Harvey Stenger and Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Rose as defendants.

It also targets the university’s police chief, John Pelletier, as well as the Student Association of Binghamton University, College Progressives, and Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow.

The suit accuses campus police of doing “nothing to protect the BUCR’s (Binghamton University College Republicans’) right to free speech and SUNY-Binghamton administrators took no actions to hold the responsible individuals accountable.”

The suit also accused College Progressives and Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) of protesting Dr. Laffer’s speech on November 18, 2019. The plaintiffs stated that administrators “took action to make the planned disruption easier by providing the leftist agitators with a room immediately adjacent to the lecture hall in which Dr. Laffer would be speaking.”


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