Coordinated Slanders Aimed to Destroy Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore's 2017 campaign fell 21,311 votes shy of winning out of 1.3 million cast, creating a near certainty that coordinated slanders, campaign fraud and media libel brought Moore's bid to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate down. (AP photo)

It’s a New Year, and Judge Roy Moore can advance his growing legal crusade against all slanderers, libelous reporters and campaign fraudsters who cost him a Senate seat in Alabama, says trial attorney and legal consultant Johnny Davis.

According to Moore in comments to the Christian Action Network recently, a main obstacle is funding against a constellation of large law firms arrayed against him to keep him down.

Davis, though, said that a probe into criminal campaign violations by the Alabama Attorney General may be a providence as Moore regroups and prepares his next move.

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What did this look like as it happened?

Davis said that beyond the bad actors doing dirty, slanderous and possibly illegal activity in Alabama through the fall, 2017, were other nationally organized efforts, stemming from a boat load of liberal progressive funding streams.

“When I visited the area during all of this, I saw it for myself,” Davis, a native of the state, said. “Alabama got absolutely flooded by liberal activists involved with the Jones Campaign.

“There were so many, all talking up Jones for Senate and talking about all they were going to do,” he added. “There was, I believe, a lot of money involved with bringing them all there.”

Davis was careful to emphasize that none of what he saw was illegal, but just further indication of the national left-wing fervor and vast sums of funding involved with the Jones campaign against Moore.

Constitutional and International law attorney Johnny Davis commented on recent developments in Judge Roy Moore’s ongoing efforts to clear his name of many coordinated slanders made against him during his 2017 campaign for U.S. Senate in Alabama. (CAN photo)

According to, Sen. Doug Jones rose to power on a stunning $10.2 million campaign-fund income for the final reporting period before the Dec. 12, 2017, Election Day.

Moore raised less than $2 million during that time.

Also, the Super-PAC spending ran lop-sided against Moore: Jones benefited from nearly $2 million in PAC help as $238,000 backed Moore.

“I’m putting that out there in order to indicate how high-powered and intense this effort really was,” Davis said. “It’s the idea of major-donor money in there, which I don’t know the break-down specifically, but that sort of thing.”

Where does this go from here? 

The connections between slandering and conspiratorially colluding groups will lead back to the Jones campaign, and possibly expose Schumer and other national Democrat Party figures, Davis said.

“Schumer and others congratulated Trippi and his team for what they did,” Davis said. “They even bragged about it afterward. And to me, this is pretty clearly a criminal conspiracy because it does absolutely violate Alabama law.”

The civil lawsuits already underway by Moore, with more to follow, will now be engaged to possible criminal investigations as the New Year unfolds, according to Davis.

(trippi) was brought in to make sure to implement and coordinate all their really ugly campaign strategies

The Alabama law cited in these campaign related instances of improper activity stem from the state’s Fair Campaign Practices Act, and whether campaign activities are properly declared for voters to see them.

Lying about Russian social media accounts set up under fraudulent pretenses in order to make a candidate look bad definitely runs afoul of this law, Davis said.

There’s more to ‘discover’

“The only question remains how far does this all go, and who was coordinating with them,” Davis said. “If Marshall does his job right, personally I believe this leads to Joe Trippi, the leading figure for the Jones campaign.

“He ran the show,” Davis added. “He was the one who was brought in to make sure to implement and coordinate all their really ugly campaign strategies.”

For his part, Trippi appeared on CNN for the campaign to make sure the Project Birmingham stories of Russian collusion for Moore got airtime.

“We had literally 10,000 Russian bots pumping out literally 40,000 posts per minute – not per hour – per minute in that campaign,” Trippi said.

The next civil lawsuit is likely to be placed against Highway 31, in or near Washington DC, Davis noted, and Project Birmingham can be dealt with later.

But the next move doesn’t have to be real soon, given the criminal probe that could possibly yield serious results.

There is also reason for patience

“It behooves Moore to hold up a bit simply from the standpoint of seeing what rises out of the (Alabama) Attorney General’s interest in this,” he said.

Whether criminal or civil, there is a lot of “discovery” coming: legal proceedings to test and challenge the debate between battling legal interests that seek to establish their cases.

Moore already pursues civil defamation claims against Leigh Corfman, Beverly Nelson and Tina Johnson as making slanderous sexual assault accusations against him in the 11th-hour of his Senate campaign in 2017.

As the Christian Action Network reported here, Moore’s civil case strengthens because of the discovery process which so far demonstrates Corfman for one refuses to answer questions on her memory of events and places.

A report on Corfman’s prospects under cross examination can be accessed here.

This concludes a two-part news-analysis interview with Johnny Davis following yesterday’s installment linked here.

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