Corfman Family Past Factors in Failing Claim Against Judge Moore

Leigh Corfman toured the circuit of national media interviews during her campaign to destroy the Roy Moore campaign, but always with the careful protection of left-wing media handlers and nationally empowered legal advisers. One attorney who deserted her ranks was Eddie Sexton, who knew her from childhood. ( photo)

The main tool used to bring down Judge Roy Moore’s 2017 Senate bid, Leigh Corfman, bears a sordid past burdened by sexual promiscuity that impacted her at a tragically early age.

Corfman is at the heart of an 11th-hour Washington Post hit piece published Nov. 9, that year coloring Moore as if a sexual predator. But sexually predatory horrors were commonplace through her early childhood, according to court records.

The case in court

New documents filed in the cause to clear Moore’s name include deposition transcripts of persons questioned by Corfman attorneys themselves as they seek to keep Moore suppressed under an unending legal siege.

There are other sources of documentation to support a subpoena of Breitbart News journalists connected to a follow-up Washington Post hit piece that year.

Moore’s team wants them for case-related reasons.

A Biblical warning notes that it is a shame to even speak of certain things that “are done of them in secret.” However, because of injury done and right must prevail, such things are being exposed.

According to Moore’s lead council, Melissa Isaac, Corfman’s one-time attorney Eddie Sexton honestly wanted to drop Corfman as a client as soon as the Nov. 9 hit piece by the Washington Post published.

The case against Moore has resulted in counter claims in Alabama court that the Corfman side continues to evade even to this day.

But the follow-up hit piece published days later turned that emerging story to run in a Breitbart News article upside-down, accusing Breitbart reporters of bribing Sexton with $10,000 to turn on his client.

The ramifications of a case in court

Numerous private conversations among Sexton confidants and deposed testimony by Sexton himself proclaimed the opposite, and ancillary to such claims, noted the aggressive sexual history of the Corfman family, little Leigh caught up in it from a tender age.

One close friend of Sexton interrogated by Corfman attorneys themselves was Gary Lantrip, who noted that Sexton knew Corfman most of his life, so Sexton’s circle of friends knew of her past in detail.

Lantrip said, “Corfman had f***ed everybody in Gadsden,” including Sexton, and “her dad was a doctor, and they used to throw sex parties when she was young, so she was put in with that as a young girl.”

On Nov. 11, 2017, Sexton told his close friends, including Lantrip and one Bert Davi, without prompting from them, that he was dropping Corfman as a client because he could in no way support her lies that were put out on a national scale of attention two days before.

Coladeral damages of the media war

His friends encouraged him to let the world know; they wanted him to talk to reporters with Breitbart News.

Corfman’s original attorney, Eddie Sexton, has now admitted to the Court that he has known Corfman his whole life, and knew of her sexual promiscuity

Judge Roy Moore

During deposition comments to Moore attorneys earlier this month, Sexton confirmed Lantrip’s recollections as correct, even admitting his own sexual past with Corfman.

He also confirmed that on Nov. 13, 2017, he and his friends met with Breitbart reporters Matt Boyle and Aaron Klein. Boyle said he was taping the interview. The objective of this month’s filing is to obtain that interview recording.

The final word from Moore

Moore, in a statement to the Christian Action Network, said that however Corfman was victimized at a child age, his focus must remain on the 16-months of suffering his family has endured because of her adult-age lies.

“My wife and family and I have suffered the shame and disgrace of false and malicious allegations made by Leigh Corfman to the Washington Post on November 9, 2017, only 32 days before the special election for the United States Senate,” Moore said.

“Corfman’s original attorney, Eddie Sexton, has now admitted to the Court that he has known Corfman his whole life, and knew of her sexual promiscuity, [and] he has had sexual intercourse with Corfman and knew of sex parties at her home when she was a young girl,” he added.

“Corfman has previously stated that everyone knew that she was, quote, ‘not an angel,’ unquote. Everyone should now know why, and who better to tell us than her own lifelong friend and attorney, Eddie Sexton.”


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