COVID ‘Delta Variant’ actually consists of vaccinated sick people, hospital nurse tells interviewer

An anonymous hospital nurse interviewed on the Stew Peters show has made alarming revelations about the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that the majority of COVID patients are now those with vaccine injuries and that, even more worrisome, doctors seem to want to shut down any debate about it with their own patients and staff.

Suspect that this person might be acting? Listen to the interview.

The nurse, to whom Peters referred as “Sarah,” also described how people who get positive results on a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test are steered into wards with active COVID-19 patients, even if they are showing absolutely no COVID-19 symptoms, and get “a completely different level of care.”

This regimen consists of remdesivir, an antiviral drug, and placement on a ventilator. The nurse contended that remdesivir is causing heart and kidney problems (some patients need to be put on dialysis), blood clots, and even loss of balance and psychological issues.

“Those patients typically to not do well,” she said.

Asked if there is a test for the “Delta Variant” of COVID, being trumpeted by the media, Sarah said: “Absolutely not, and in fact there is no mention of the word ‘Delta Variant’ in any note, from any doctor, from any outside office feeding in, specialist, urgent care, emergency room … I have not seen that word … in any chart. The only place I have seen the word Delta Variant is in the letters going out from the hospital administration to the staff quoting reasons why they should get the vaccinations.”

Asked if the majority of patients in her hospital are not COVID patients but are in fact vaccine-injured people, Sarah responds “Yes,” and goes on to say that she has never seen one of these patients’ charts or experience submitted to the vaccine adverse-event reporting system.

“When staff approaches doctors about this, whether it’s noticed by the staff or by the patient’s family, they are completely dismissed.”

Doctors will cut staff off in mid-sentence, she said, when staff begin talking of bad effects from vaccines.

“The staff that’s aware – because now you kind of know which staff knows what’s going on or is acknowledging it and which staff doesn’t – we almost label it. The Delta Variant is the vaccine injuries.”

Asked to report the most important truth about the current COVID situation that is being concealed from the public, Sarah said: “I want the world to stop watching the news. It is absolutely false. It is creating false fear” of COVID when the vaccine is what is currently causing symptoms and putting people in the hospital.

“This vaccine rollout is a nightmare. And the media is completely not telling the public any truth as to what is actually going on with these vaccines.”

Even more alarming than a misinformation-spreading media, the woman said, is doctors who refuse to discuss what staffers see before their eyes and who continue to recommend the vaccine to incoming – and outgoing – patients.

“I no longer trust doctors’ care. … I am literally having to point out to some of these patients that these vaccines are the reason they’re in there.” Many of these patients have only received one dose, she said, and are then told to get a second vaccine as they leave the hospital.

She said: “It’s insane.”


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