Covington Students’ Attorney Offers Them Free Help To Sue NYTimes

In the wake of attorney Robert Barne's spirited response to a New York Times reporter in which he said he's ready to go after the New York Times pro-bono for the Covington Catholic kids, others followed him like a call to action against the mass media, with many on social media offering services or donations of their own to aid in the lawsuit. (Political Insider photo)

The Political Insider – Attorney Robert Barnes, who represents students involved in the Covington Catholic media smear, has offered up his services for free to sue the New York Times for “obvious libel.”

Barnes’s fiery response to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman should serve as a serious concern to the many journalists and media entities who rushed to judgment on the Covington kids.

He initially responded to Haberman on social media after she suggested for several of the boys in the video apparently acting in a ‘racist’ manner to be expelled. Barnes offered to represent the kids at no cost if they wanted to pursue . . . the outlet she represents.

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