Crazy Charades of the ‘Transgender’ Damned Rule Over Public Schools

Liberalism at the helm of public schools continuously forces situations in which members of the opposite sexes must strip together, obligating everyone to play along with the delusional charades of a sexually disoriented few. (The Revolutionary Act photo)

The Christian Post – Baltimore City Public Schools’ board of commissioners approved a policy that, above state requirements, allows students use of preferred names and pronouns, and to access preferred locker rooms and bathrooms, immediately upon the notion that they are transgender.

The board unanimously (8-0) passed the new policy known as JBB at its latest meeting last Tuesday to a chorus of cheers from LGBT advocates with signs reading, “We are all human.”

Under JBB, students may use the pronouns and names of their choosing without being required to change their name legally. The “transgender” students may use locker rooms and bathrooms that correspond with a chosen gender identity as soon as they choose it.

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