Cruz and Rubio say CEOs are becoming ‘controlled by the radical left’

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

The Hill is portraying a widening gulf between conservative Republicans and increasingly “woke” big business as Republicans dangerously betraying their heritage.

Yet it’s the big corporations who strayed first, becoming preachers of social justice and leftism strictly because they rake in billions and people know their names and logos.

High-visibility Republicans — including several potential 2024 presidential contenders — are increasingly calling out corporations after President Trump’s time in the White House made people see just how rigidly, ridiculously leftist big-name companies have become.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently told The Hill: “If you look at the CEOs of the Fortune 100, there are very, very few who you could even plausibly characterize as right of center. They are almost uniformly Democrat. And they have made the decision to enlist their companies in the political agenda of today’s Democratic Party, which is controlled right now by the radical left.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in an email to The Hill: “For the past several years, I have been making the case that far too many American companies were prioritizing short-term financial windfalls at the expense of America’s families, communities and national security. More and more people are coming around to that viewpoint, both in the Republican Party and around the country.”

American voters are showing themselves to be more and more distrustful of the elites who hold lordship over politics, entertainment, media, academia and business. President Trump, though inarguably a member of America’s business and financial elite, transcended this distrust by siding with middle-class and conservative Americans and earning the hatred of his elite cohorts.

Condemning the poisonous corporate reaction to the recently passed law to make voting fairer in Georgia, Cruz wrote that he would no longer take donations from any corporate political action committee. Leftists call the Georgia law de facto voter suppression, though it obstructs no one from voting.



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