Customers have had enough! Wells Fargo orders removal of controversial quilts

Allyson Allen’s “Piece-ful Protest/ Facebook

It turns out that even people in Laguna Beach, Calif. don’t like having a false black-oppression narrative screamed in their faces when they visit the bank.

Or one of gay oppression, or native-American oppression.

A display of quilts inside the Wells Fargo branch in Laguna Beach covered all that territory — oppression of pretty much everyone who isn’t a straight white male. Bank customers complained. Now the fake-outrage “art” is gone, the artist said on Jan. 26.

Artist Allyson Allen heard the bad news from a member of the Community Art Project who had helped coordinate the exhibit, called “Piece-ful Protest.” Allen told the Laguna Beach Independent that Wells Fargo corporate contacted the branch and told them to dial down the Oppressed-Minority Rage.

“Truly disappointing that a progressive art community like Laguna would still be controlled by the small-minded minority of individuals who cannot accept an art installation as art,” Allen wrote.

The “art” was in fact shrill, over-the-top, rage-against-no-one-in-particular imagery sewn into 36 quilts, like a screaming black man with “Enough!” above his head. Another read “Don’t let hate go viral;” a third nodded to homosexual victimhood with a clenched rainbow fist below the words “Pride – Love is Love.”

In short, the exhibit was an outpouring of false victimhood and divisive leftism. The quilts were immediately removed after the bank’s request came down on Jan. 26. It had been up only one week.

“Wells Fargo is committed to and invested in the Laguna Beach community – our support of the Community Art Project program is a reflection of that commitment. We’re equally committed to ensuring a culture and customer experience that welcomes all,” read a bland statement from Wells Fargo corporate released on Jan. 27.

Sally Sanders, a Black Lives Matter activist and 20-year resident of Laguna Beach, was not happy about the withdrawn exhibit and reacted with name-calling, telling the Independent: “This is kind of a trend that Laguna Beach is not what it used to be. Now it’s starting to lean toward the full right with racism and commercialism. I’ll protest outside that bank if I have to,” Sanders said.


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