Constitutional Attorney Warns Parents to Pay Attention

As World Hijab Day celebrations begin to infiltrate American public schools, Constitutional attorney Johnny Davis warns parents to "pay attention" and fight back.

Constitutional and international law attorney Johnny Davis urged parents to pay attention to what happens in the public schools of their children or grandchildren.

Because of inappropriate indoctrination, there are potential cases for legal action. If a household’s little students attend public school planning World Hijab Day events this year, the call to act applies.

The Christian Action Network spoke with Davis last week, learning that the pro-Islamic celebration slated for February 1 has absolutely no legal standing in public schools during curriculum hours.

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Davis noted that those with a legal concern can turn to Christian religious liberty legal organizations such as First Liberty Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom, the Thomas Moore Society and the American Center for Law and Justice.

The Christian Action Network also stands ready to help as a first-contact to communicate responses to World Hijab Day events that are discovered in the plans for specific public schools.

Davis, in an earlier published interview, said that the legal situation is not even close for World Hijab Day: special access to public schools; unequal favoritism for Islam; event during curriculum hours; an obviously religious purpose.

Constitutional and International law attorney Johnny Davis points to societal ills of abandoning reason, science and faith in God as why unlikely alliances arise that bring about Islamic indoctrination efforts such as World Hijab Day in liberally run public schools. (CAN photo)

In addition to those remarks, Davis noted that it is predictable what a judge would rule in such an event if proposed by Christian groups. As a matter of encouragement, he added that that would likely apply to a ruling on World Hijab Day too.

“There should be no doubt,” he said. “I think the only reason they think they can get away with this is that we’re living in a post-modernistic culture that fundamentally does not believe in the rule of law.”

Or in as many words, much of the faculty and staff running public schools nowadays are of a belief that dismisses the equal application of laws and rules if the wrong people are asking.

“To do this, and fly in the face of the Equal Access Act and equality, this simply represents a rejection of the rule of law,” Davis said.

But these school leaders are simply unaware of their arrogance and bias. There is an obvious embrace of Islam and Islamic religious elements over other religious traditions, but they just don’t know it.

it’s about intervening and promoting the islamic doctrine

And there is also the tired, old common mistake too numerous in such instances where liberal political reasoning is in charge: class envy. Victim classes must be rescued.

“It represents an embrace of Muslims as a victim class,” Davis said. “This isn’t diversity, this isn’t about allowing Muslim students to wear what they decide to wear on their own.

Students celebrate World Hijab Day at Twelve Corners Middle School in Rochester, NY.

“It’s about intervening and promoting the Islamic doctrine, and ultimately what it’s about is hatred of the western traditions,” he added regarding Judeo-Christian ethical standards, “which is why they would never do this for Christianity or Judaism.”

Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer said he hopes parents and caregivers who encounter a promotion for World Hijab Day at their local school would contact CAN.

“We absolutely do need to respond to this,” Mawyer said. “The best coordination center I can think of is our website.”

*** Contact us here. ***

“Just remember we’re at, get with us as soon as you see a problem,” Mawyer said.

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