DC comics invents new gender-fluid superhero called Kid Quick

Kid Quick’ will debut next month as part of an ‘alternate-universe’ version of ‘DC’s Merry Multiverse’

As keepers of the new folklore of the entertainment world, DC comics is joining the fight against science once again with a cartoon character who can be any gender “they” please.

The creators of comic-book characters Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are introducing the first gender-indeterminate character in its comic book series The Flash, reports DailyMail.com.

“Kid Quick” debuts next month as part of an “alternate-universe” version of “DC’s Merry Multiverse,” a holiday-themed comic book anthology, since what is Christmas without comic book superheroes.

The character, which can move at great speeds, will also use they/them pronouns.

The Flash, created in 1939, is based on a college student who has “super-speed” after being dunked in chemicals struck by lightning.

Kid Quick joins the ranks of other non-binary characters in the comic book genre. Last year, “Suicide Squad” introduced The Aerie, a non-binary antihero, while TV show Star Trek: Discovery welcomed Adira, played by non-binary actor Blu del Barrio.

Marvel Comics introduced two non-binary characters called ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Safespace’ but the names were criticized as offensive. Oops.


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