Disney president says the company will become ‘Queerer’

Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Already deep in a hole in terms of credibility and public trust, The Walt Disney Company is digging harder and faster.

A top executive of the company is saying that going gay is good for business, even as embattled CEO Bob Chapek apologizes to the gay-queer-deviant community for not sucking up eagerly enough to them. Chapek’s initial reluctance to wade into the queer-indoctrination-in-schools debate is what plunged Disney into a PR nightmare of being trapped between gay-activist employees and a not-so-gay-activist paying customer base and host state: Florida.

The leaders of the entertainment giant were speaking at one of the company’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” forums, which since September have served as Disney’s “way of amplifying underrepresented voices and untold stories as well as championing the importance of accurate representation in media and entertainment,” reports DailyMail.com.

That is, normalizing homosexual behavior for kids.

The forum had vowed that 50 percent of Disney characters and content would be from “underrepresented groups” by 2022.

Because it’s up to Disney to usher your children into the Magic Kingdom of underrepresented sexual practices.

Karey Burke was the executive, in fact Disney’s head of General Entertainment Content, who said in a recorded video session that her own son had told her that: “Gen-Z is 30-40 percent queerer than other generations Mom, so Disney better get with it.” The numbers are highly suspect, but were enough to make Burke say in the video clip, obtained by journalist Christopher Rufo, that there is ostensibly a commercial reason for Disney to increase the number of sexually deviant characters it cooks up for your kids and their friends.

Bob Chapek, the CEO, meanwhile, begged forgiveness from the LGBTQ community, imploring: “I want you to know that your words have made a real impact on me. I understand that we have made mistakes, and the pain that those mistakes have caused.”


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