Disneyland’s Pride Nite: A Blatant Attack on Family Values and Childhood Innocence

It’s infuriating to see that the “Happiest Place on Earth” continues to fall prey to the relentless grip of radical progressive ideology.

In a sickening display of pandering, Disneyland is once again bowing to the insatiable demands for political correctness and the erosion of moral values.

Their recent announcement of a June event, “Gay and Transgender Pride Nite,” demonstrates Disney’s complete disregard for shielding children from the Radical Rainbow Mafia’s influence.

This appalling event targets children of all ages, even granting free admission to those under three. It’s a clear attempt to indoctrinate them from an early age.

To make matters worse, Disney intends to dress Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and their friends in so-called “special attire.” Of course, we all know what that means, and we can only imagine the impact this will have on our children’s innocent minds.

The magic of Disneyland should be about cotton candy, laughter, and getting “It’s a Small World” stuck in your head for weeks – not exposing young, vulnerable minds to controversial and polarizing topics.

This outrageous event is an affront to common sense, reminiscent of the absurdity of Donald Duck’s “Duck Avenger” escapades.

Subjecting impressionable children to complex and divisive issues is reckless and dangerous. We don’t hand 5-year-olds the keys to our cars for a reason.

A trip to Disneyland should teach kids the importance of wearing sunscreen and dealing with long lines and sunburns, not force-feed them adult political agendas.

Disneyland, once a haven for families to escape the harsh realities of life and enjoy wholesome entertainment, has become a platform for the progressive left to spread its toxic ideology.

What’s next in their twisted lineup? Antifa Pride Nite? Drag Nite?

Walt Disney, a visionary who sought to create a place where families could bond and create lasting memories, would be horrified by Disneyland’s appalling decision to host “Gay and Transgender Pride Nite” for children of all ages.

Their motives are baffling – it doesn’t even make business sense.

But as we’ve seen with the Bud Light debacle, corporations are more concerned with pushing woke agendas than maintaining their bottom lines.

Sooner or later, they’ll pay the price, just like Anheuser Busch and Silicon Valley Bank.

And there’s every indication that Disney is already paying that price.

This week, Disney announced “thousands” of more layoffs following an earlier bloodbath that saw 7,000 job cuts in late March.

As the world changes at breakneck speed, we must fight to preserve the enchantment and innocence that define childhood – and remember to pack comfortable shoes for those endless walks through the park…if we dare to go.


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