Disney’s DuckTales reveals character has 2 dads

DuckTales is the latest Disney children’s series to insert LGBT characters into the plot.

The Disney company continues to use its status as a wholesome, trusted titan of entertainment to plant homosexuality firmly in the minds of its youngest viewers, with the show DuckTales being the latest Disney children’s series to sneak LGBT characters and propaganda into its stories.

The Disney XD series, now in its third season, follows the exploits of Scrooge McDuck, his nephew Donald Duck and their triplet relatives Huey, Dewey, and Louie (the nephews of Donald and the grand-nephews of Scrooge).

Christian Headlines reports that in the premiere of Season 3 it is revealed that one of the characters – Violet – has two fathers. The episode follows Violet and her friends as they discover if they have transitioned from the Scout-like “Junior Woodchuck” to “Senior Woodchuck.”

Parents are present for the eventual ceremony, and both of Violet’s fathers wear T-shirts with the words “I’M WITH DAD” and an arrow pointing to the other. During one scene, one of Violet’s friends becomes excited about Violet’s Woodchuck promotion and shouts, “That’s my sister from a couple misters!”

Although neither fictional father speaks during the episode, they stand on either side of her as she is named a Senior Woodchuck.

Disney series Andi Mack, The Lodge, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls also have featured LGBT characters. But DuckTales, with its ties to an iconic Disney character, Donald Duck, is another landmark in Disney’s mission of LGBT indoctrination-through-parental-trust.


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