DNC Policy Favors Saving Kittens, Killing Kids

The Democrat Party is in a dark place right now, favoring on ethical grounds that kittens owned by science labs for experimental purposes should be protected by law from being put down (killed) while striving to remove all protections from born babies that survive abortions, wishing the human babies to be eligible for being put to death as a matter of choice. (Lifesite photo)

Lifesite News – In one of the sickest ironies no one is talking about, Senate liberals picked this moment — 17 days after they voted to kill America’s perfectly healthy infants — to fight for the humane treatment of kittens.

. . . For sponsors like Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the optics are nauseating. Here he is, arguing that America “must stop killing kittens,” when, three weeks ago, he stood in the U.S. Capitol and agreed with 43 Democrats that human beings should be put down.

“The USDA’s decision to slaughter kittens after they are used in research is an archaic practice and horrific treatment, and we need to end it,” Merkley said.

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