Doctor Shares ‘Abortion Pill’ Reversal Success Story: Baby, Mother, Fine

Dr. Brent Boles posted a photo of a newborn baby after it survived RU-486 poisoning. He treated the baby and mother through a new method to reverse the effects of the "abortion pill." Abortion providers lie when they say there is no way to reverse RU-486, according to (submitted photo)

Christian Post – Just before “Brianna’s” scheduled C-section, physician Brent Boles asked her if she’d allow a photo to be taken once the baby was born. He wouldn’t share any identifying information with the world, he said. Just the photo. A photo to celebrate human life.

A photo to explain just why he provides the ever-growing Abortion Pill Reversal regimen to women looking to undo their chemical abortions. Brianna happily agreed, and a little bit later, a gripping photo of a newborn baby, crying under the blaze of operating room lights, was captured.

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