Church haters nearly destroy Tennessee house of worship, but pastor forgives

Vandals caused nearly $50,000 in damages and nearly destroyed One Church Memphis.

Davante Hill, the pastor of One Church, a local church in Frayser, Tennessee, has said that he forgives the vandals who wreaked havoc on the place, causing an estimated $50,000 in damages.

The pastor, who walked in Sunday morning to see his church almost entirely decimated, still had the following words for the haters: ‘God still loves you’.

“A lot of the money that it took to start the church, came out of my personal finances,” Hill told News3.

Hill told the police that when he entered the church, he found the power had been cut off, paint was thrown at the walls, musical instruments were broken, pews were destroyed, almost all of the chairs were damaged, and several speaks as well as cash were also stolen.

Hill told a local TV station, WMC: “hen I walked in… what broke me, was not the condition of the sanctuary, what broke me was the condition of someone’s heart to be willing to do such a thing.”

The pastor also pointed out that the individuals who committed this act had probably been to the church before because they switched off the security cameras before breaking into the place.

While the police carry on their investigation into this egregious crime, the pastor had these words of forgiveness for the perpetrators: “I would love for whoever is responsible to consider my heart when I say, ‘I love you and God still loves you. And that this is not the end, there is life after this. And that whatever it is that has you broken, whatever it is that has you destroyed on the inside, there is help for you.”

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