Door-to-door vaccine checks are under way in North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin

Appearing to make good on Joe Biden’s threat to go “door to door” to push suspect vaccines for a suspect pandemic on very suspicious Americans, North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County Health Department has started bringing the COVID-19 vaccine to people’s front doors. The program began on July 12.

Volunteers for nonprofits like Action NC have been knocking on doors with vaccine information since May, but now they have health department staffers on hand nearby to give shots wherever takers can be found. The program is focused on zip codes with low vaccine buy-in.

Counties in North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin have all launched strategies to go to people’s homes and share information on COVID-19 vaccines, reports

Health leaders say they hope to reach people who haven’t gotten around to getting the shot. It’s hard, however, to see the push as not related to White House boasts that they government will be coming right to your doorstep to vaccinate you against a disease which has been accompanied from the start by reverses, misinformation, disinformation and rampant politics.

COVID-19 led directly to huge changes and suspensions of voting regulations leading up the highly suspect 2020 presidential election, still being audited in several states.

South Carolina’s Gov. Henry McMaster is calling on the South Carolina health department to ban these kinds of efforts, saying in a statement: “Enticing, coercing, intimidating, mandating, or pressuring anyone to take the vaccine is a bad policy which will deteriorate the public’s trust and confidence in the State’s vaccination efforts.”


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