Minnesota Public Library allows “adult entertainment” worker to read to toddlers

Russ King is an adult entertainment worker who was allowed to read to children during Drag Queen Story hour in a Minnesota library

by Peggy Traeger Tierney

Alphanews. This is the man the Minnesota Hennepin County Public Library thought would be a good choice to read to toddlers in the city of Richfield, in Ilhan Omar’s district, for Drag Queen Story Hour.

His name is Russ King, who calls himself Miss Richfield 1981, and he tours the nation doing a an “adult entertainment” show called “Gender Fluids.” Yep, “fluids” with an S. He has his own website featuring hundreds of photos, where he is performing a variety of “acts” on men in various stages of dress, which most would call “soft porn.” Miss Richfield calls Obama his “political adviser” and his goal is, in his words, to “recruit homos” and like-minded people.

Miss Richfield loves to mock Christians on his website. He even has photos of himself, legs spread, in front of a cross and “eating” Baby Jesus cookies.

The first book Russ read to the tots was called “Neither” – which explained how some people are neither a boy or a girl and are called “this or that or they.” The second book he read was called “Rainbow” – where he taught the kids the meaning behind every stripe in the LGB flag so they could pledge allegiance to the Rainbow Flag – not the American flag. Pure indoctrination.

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