Drag Queen Story Hour takes a hit

In June, opponents of Drag Queen Story Hour staged a public protest at Leander Public Library

After coming under increasing pressure from opposition groups to “Drag Queen Story Hour,” the city of Leander in Texas has voted to stop renting out library rooms to the public.

The August 16 City Council vote was 5-2 on the measure

In mid-June, nearly 300 people had demonstrated outside a Drag Queen Story Hour event at Leander Public Library.

During that June demonstration, Scarlett Clay of Cedar Park held up a homemade sign that read, “Your body is a gift from God.”

“We don’t like the way they’re sort of using the children as political pawns to try to push the agenda in our community,” Clay told NBC KXAN. “So we wanted to come out and make that clear that we are concerned and we’re going to stand up and say so.”

The June Drag Queen Story Hour event proceeded as planned, but a month later Leander City Council announced that it would soon change its policy regarding the rental of library rooms.

The City Council held a public meeting on August 10 just prior to its vote to end library room rentals.

Speaking at the hearing was Texas House Representative candidate Jennifer Fleck.

“During Drag Queen Story Hour, children are exposed to hyper-sexualized entertainers and sexual content,” Fleck said. “For the city to provide the public space paid for by our tax dollars is to wrongfully engage all of us in promoting unhealthy and harmful conditioning.”

Drag Queen Story Hour is an event where homosexual men dress up as women while performing in front of young children.   The Drag Queens use books, lectures and skits to try and persuade children as young as three they can change their gender.


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