Durham K-8 Students Indoctrinated in Homo/Trans Sexual Propaganda

Students from kindergarten through grade 8 at Central Park School for Children, a Durham, NC charter school, received a face full of homosexual and transgender indoctrination that included performances by drag queens from local sex clubs because of bullying that school officials said must be dealt with by calling in the drag queens. (WUNC photo)

Central Park School for Children, a Durham, NC, K-8 charter school, held a week-long celebration of homosexuality, transgender ideology and all things sexually deviant, and doing so without informing parents before hand.

Their theme was self liberation and sexual freedom, calling the event the Central Park Pride and Liberation celebration.

The week focused on teaching LGBTQ-advocated curricula on the LGBTQ movement, a primer on so-called “queer history” and positive exposure to drag queens, among other topics.

The week included events featuring local drag queens including Justin Clapp, stage name Vivica C. Coxx of the so-called “House of Coxx Drag Show,” who advocated an agenda he called anti-transphobia.

The House of Coxx promotional material that drag performer Justin Clapp leads when not being deployed by Durham Schools officials to punish grade schoolers for bullying sexual deviants at school, notes homosexual “nude artistic dancers” Jang and Alex, and features a chicken logo in the lower-right corner to show a sexual preference for pre-teen boys as sex partners.

The atrocity of manifold abominations did not escape the attention of conservative commentator Todd Starns, who added that Clapp, “says anyone who feels uncomfortable around a drag queen is a bigot.”

Starnes noted that Clapp was quoted in a 2018 interview as saying that he is all about social justice, meaning to him that he fights against racism, transphobia, misogyny, “and I think anyone who has been to our shows has felt comfortable, unless they are a bigot,” Clapp concluded.

“This is just downright shocking, folks,” Starnes said. “This is what radical indoctrination looks like. Why else would you expose five-year-old children to drag queens and why else would you try to “liberate” a kindergartner?”

they are being subjected to ideas and concepts they are far too young to understand

Todd Starnes

Starnes said that information from parents indicated complaints that internal email communications among school officials noted measures to keep information from parents until the events could actually begin. The parents were blind-sided.

Local reports lauded the event week as an aggressive and pro-active response to bullying at the school that particularly targeted “queer people of color.”

One story in the Raleigh News and Observer was titled, “Gay kids were getting bullied, so an NC school called in the drag queens.”

“Grade school children should be learning how to read and write and multiply,” Starnes concluded. “Instead, they are being subjected to ideas and concepts they are far too young to understand.”


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