Election stunner! Truck driver who spent $139 on verge of toppling powerful NJ Senate president

Edward Durr/ Facebook

In what can only be seen as a show of deep disgust with and contempt for Democratic politicians, New Jersey state Senate President Steve Sweeney appears on the verge of a humiliating defeat to a virtually unknown Republican trucker.

It was another product of an election night that saw longtime insider Democrat money-man Terry McAuliffe rejected for governor of Virginia, which Democrats and their journalists have been trying to portray as increasingly liberal. New Jersey’s incumbent governor appeared to have somehow held on, barely, after the razor-thin margin and very slow vote-counting that seem to characterize so many Democratic victories, including Joe Biden’s in 2020.

Edward Durr, who appeared poised to defeat Sweeney, is a political outsider but was leading by over 2,000 votes late on Nov. 3.

Durr ran a small, almost symbolic campaign and spent only $153 during the primary, about a third of that for drinks and food at Dunkin Donuts. According to Newsweek, Durr estimated to Politico that less than $10,000 was spent on his candidacy.

A truck driver for the past 25 years, Durr ran an unsuccessful campaign for a New Jersey General Assembly seat in 2019. He said during an August interview that he set his sights on Sweeney’s state Senate seat this year after being denied a concealed carry permit.

As the surprising win appeared more and more likely, Durr said that he knows little about politics and will need to learn on the job if he prevails.

Speaking with FOX News on Nov. 3, Durr said he has much to learn but … “I’m going to guarantee you one thing: I will be the voice and people will hear me. … If there’s one thing people will learn about me, I’ve got a big mouth,” he added. “And I don’t shut up. When I want to be heard, I will be heard… I will be that voice for the people.”


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