Eleven months later, two more are arrested for participating in Jan. 6 political protest

Donald Hazard arrested almost a year after Jan 6 riot./ Facebook

As the 1-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol protest approaches, two more men have been arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in the political demonstration.

Donald Hazard and Lucas Denney, both of Texas, are charged with federal offenses including assaulting an officer, civil disorder, obstruction, conspiracy, and other counts based on what happened that day, reports WFAA 8 ABC news.

A criminal complaint filed Dec. 7 in U.S. District Court claims both men belonged to a militia group called the “Patriot Boys of North Texas,” and appeared to use Facebook in the days leading up to the Jan. 6 attack to plan their part in the protest.

The full complaint can be read here, and includes texts between Denney and Hazard about the D.C. rally and how they would arrange to be there.

The complaint also says they used the social media site to urge people to attend President Trump’s rally that preceded the protest, warning them to be prepared for “civil war.”

“Trump is calling this rally himself,” the message continued. “It’s the day that Congress is going to try and certify the electoral college. But pence can deny the ones coming from the states where fraud took place. So we are thinking Trump wants us there to keep the area from being burned down by ANTIFA thugs when they get mad. Biden ain’t getting into office.”

Hazard also used Facebook to plan, according to the complaint, outlining plans to “take control” of Black Lives Matter Plaza, the site of racism protests in the summer 2020.

The complaint goes on to say that both men were present on the day of the attack and entered the Capitol, taking selfies and live-streaming. Screenshots video gathered that day show the pair on Capitol grounds. Hazard is alleged to have fought with officers who tried to hold back the crowd. Denny is accused of trying to pull down one of the barricades, and of shoving a police officer before entering with the crowd.

The men represent the Dallas FBI field office’s 34th and 35th Capitol arrests. It’s the highest arrest total of any field office in the country, according to officials.


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