Elon Musk and others face assassination threats to keep them silent – Video Podcast

From Elon Musk, to pro-life groups, to a Christian organization that simply wants to have dinner, conservatives are being gagged, censored and threatened into silence.

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Martin: We’re quickly devolving into a society where people get to do whatever they want because there are no penalties associated with it. 

And if the government can do what it wants without having to worry about committing a crime or having to worry about a civil lawsuit, nothing is going to stop them, this train, from heading in that direction. 

We all know where it’s going, and that is to suppress you wholly and ultimately. 

I’m reminded about this. 

This is a quote made by President Eisenhower back in 1955, and we need to hear this quote. 

Understand it because it is true. 

He said, “Without God, there could be no American form of government nor an American way of life.

Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first, the most fundamental expression of Americanism.

Thus the Founding Father saw it, and thus, with God’s help, it will continue to be.”

Because without God in this country, we’re going to end up with people saying, oh, I can skirt the law. 

I can get around the law. There’s no integrity anymore. 

There’s no morality anymore. 

Alec: All our laws come first and foremost from God. 

David: I’m not in favor of many new federal laws. 

We got too many already. 

But the one that we do need is a law that punishes federal employees for abusing federal power. 

That’s what, that’s what you know, a law like that could help prevent future violations, but there is no law like that presently on the books. 

That’s what Congress could do that be effective. 

It is to punish abuses of power, make it a criminal act, and make these employees subject to criminal penalties if they abuse their power as federal employees. 

Michael: How is there no law like that? 

Like you would think within the Constitution, if we are afforded rights, that means that there’s a law that guarantees it. 

If there’s no punishment for breaking those laws, then there is no Bill of Rights. 

David: Well, look at it this way. 

If you were Chuck Schumer? 

Martin: Good question. 

David: Or Nancy Pelosi when she was speaker, you wouldn’t want to have a law like that because, you know, to get used against you because you, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, abuse power all the time. 

Pastor Binder: Well, David, how about this? 

We’re talking about a violation of constitutional rights, right? 

So if we go back to the pandemic, churches were shut down. 

I’ve seen several churches that have filed suit. 

It was taken to the Supreme Court, with monetary rewards and damages. 

I’m assuming it was because of the freedom of religion aspect. 

If we can prove that, could the same premise be used regarding freedom of speech here? 

David: Well, a law already punishes federal employees if they violate someone’s civil rights. 

They just don’t get enforced. 

Nobody follows up on them.

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