Embattled ISIS issues guide for killing world leaders

Part of the poster shared by the pro-ISIS Al-Taqwa Media Foundation on Wednesday

Known as the sadistic scourge of the Middle East back in happier times, i.e. during the Obama administration, ISIS is having difficulty scaring people these days. The jihadist organization is limited to scary public relations, with the latest press release being a guide to killing world leaders.

A new “poster” from the pro-ISIS Quraysh Media urges lone-wolf jihadis to disguise themselves as journalists to smuggle bombs nearer to politicians like President Trump.

The published guide gives three ways for would-be jihadists to execute ‘leaders, officials and military commanders,’ one being the journalist ruse:

“The mujahid brother, dressed up in the journalist’s clothes, may participate in news conferences, forums, and meetings which may enable him to target key enemy figures. He may also use the camera as an explosive device or to hide a weapon inside it,” the poster reads, according to the Middle East Research Institute.

On Wednesday another ISIS mouthpiece – Al-Taqwa Media Foundation – showed a knife-wielding terrorist in military fatigues standing behind a Photoshopped Trump, kneeling in an orange jumpsuit.

The execution scene reads: ‘This is what our lord had promised us and he does not break a promise, and America thinks with its allies that they are making the believers scared or they are being victorious over the Mujahideen, No.’

Despite the death of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a US raid in Syria on October 26, the death cult still seeks to spread carnage … through social media.

The three-part guide by Quraysh Media released on Monday provides further methods involving the targeting of VIP convoys.

A second tactic urges the use of medium and long range sniper rifles to attack convoys from high vantage points.

Finally, the grim text suggests scoping out a potential area to attack and monitor a convoy’s route to expose security flaws which would also allow the attacker to consider a ‘withdrawal plan.’

It was the Quraysh Media organization which earlier this month urged ISIS supporters to ignite forest fires in the US and Europe to cause ecological chaos.


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