English Royals Turn to LGBTQ Ideology for Raising Son

Prince Harry, an English Duke, and his wife Meghan, visited Asni, Morocco, in February, and responded to questions about how they plan to raise their expected son the "gender fluid" way, meaning they won't instruct him about differences between boys and girls. (Press pool photo)

The Mercury News – Meghan Markle and Prince Harry probably don’t need to tell his royal grandparents how they reportedly plan to ban gender-stereotypical toys and attitudes from the life of their child expected to be born in April.

. . . But Prince Philip is another matter. When his sensitive oldest son Charles was a young boy, Philip famously pushed him to man up and to not be weak and vulnerable.

So it is easy to imagine the 97-year-old World War II veteran scoffing at Meghan and Harry teaching their boy — if they are having a boy, as some reports suggest — that it’s OK to cry and to not play with trucks, trains and toy solders.

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