Equality Act Fraud Exposed by 21 conservative Christian Leaders

Franklin Graham and Dr. James Dobson join many other prominent conservative Christian leaders to denounce the so-called Equality Act as a fraud. (drjamesdobson.org photo)

The Christian Post – Because of threats to religious liberty the legislation poses, 21 conservative Christian leaders including Franklin Graham and James Dobson called on congressional leaders to oppose the pro-LGBT Equality Act.

In the letter sent to House and Senate leaders and Vice President Mike Pence, signers decried the bill that would codify discrimination protections on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

“Not only is it incompatible with God’s Word (the Bible) and the historic teaching of the church, but the Equality Act is also riddled with threats to religious liberty and the sanctity of human life,” the letter states. “For these reasons we must state that we adamantly oppose this proposed legislation.”

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