Even if a Child is Raped, Parents Don’t Need to Be Informed, School Lawyer Tells Court

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In a shocking display of blatant disregard for parental rights, the First Circuit Court is currently deliberating on a case that could very well redefine the boundaries of parental authority in the United States.

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As reported by CourtHouseNews, a school in Massachusetts took it upon themselves to actively encourage an 11-year-old girl to transition genders, all while keeping her parents in the dark.

The school’s lawyer, David Lawless, dared to claim that parents have no right to know or interfere with a child’s gender transition because “gender identity is an immutable characteristic.”

Lawless further argued that schools have no obligation to inform parents about other critical aspects of their child’s life, including potential depression, suicidal tendencies, or even if they were raped or had an abortion.

This is nothing short of an assault on the sacred bond between parents and their children, a blatant attempt to undermine the family unit in favor of state control.

The judges seemed to grapple with the audacious claims made by the school’s representation.

U.S. Circuit Judge Julie Rikelman questioned the absurdity of equating gender identity issues with mundane matters like who a child plays with at recess.

Meanwhile, U.S. Circuit Judge Kermit Lipez pointed out the glaring overreach of schools attempting to usurp parental rights.

U.S. Circuit Judge Julie Rikelman told Lawless, “Gender identity is very important to everyone.”

While U.S. Circuit Judge Kermit Lipez, a Clinton appointee, said, “You seem to be asserting that the right of students to make decisions trumps the right of parents to know what’s going on.”

“We are,” Lawless told the court.

The parents, Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri are fighting back against this gross violation of their rights.

Their daughter, known as B.F. in court documents, was subjected to private meetings with school officials who actively affirmed her gender transition, even allowing her to use the boys’ bathroom and encouraging using her preferred name and pronouns.

All this was done behind the parents’ backs in a shocking breach of trust and decency.

When a brave teacher defied this outrageous policy and informed the parents, she was promptly fired, a clear indication of the tyrannical stance the school has taken on this issue.

The superintendent even had the gall to accuse families opposing this policy of “intolerance, prejudice, and bigotry,” hiding behind a façade of “parental rights.”

This case, Foote v. Ludlow School Committee, is a glaring example of the erosion of parental rights in our society. Despite the trial judge ruling in favor of the school last December, the fight is far from over.

The parents’ lawyer, Mary McAlister, argued vehemently against the school’s overreach, highlighting the psychological manipulation B.F. was subjected to, being told she couldn’t trust her own parents.

This case has garnered national attention, with over 100 friend of court briefs filed and 34 states taking a stance on the issue. It clearly indicates that the nation is watching, and the outcome could have far-reaching implications for the sanctity of parental rights in America.


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