F-bombing school board member in Texas who doxxed parents RESIGNS

Norma Garcia-Lopez/ Facebook

Here’s how an officer of a Texas school board’s “racial equity panel” saw fit to address a parent suing the district — in tandem with other parents — over phony mask mandates:

“F— you, you stupid b—-. F— you with your White privilege, not caring about the well-being of others, f— you.”

The words are those of Norma Garcia-Lopez, former co-chair of the Fort Worth School Board Racial Equity Committee, in a recording that was provided to Fox News and covered here earlier this week.

That was not the worst thing she did.

Garcia-Lopez resigned on Dec. 8 after admitting to releasing personal information about – referred to as “doxxing” – the “stupid b—-” parents online, along with leaving the obscenity-laced voicemail.

“I am writing to inform [Fort Worth Independent School District] that it has become necessary for me to resign from my volunteer positions with the District, including as a member and co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee and as a member of the Redistricting Committee,” Garcia-Lopez wrote in an e-mail after her behavior made her position untenable.

Fox News obtained the email’s text from a school board member.

As is common for leftists caught in childish, malicious behavior, Garcis-Lopez made a non-apology devoid of contrition:

“Every student in FWISD deserves equity and respect. That is my passion and reason for serving on those committees,” Garcia-Lopez wrote. “I cannot allow the vile and relentless attacks on me by white supremacists to distract from or overshadow the continued pursuit of equity in FWISD. That work is too vital. Please notify the appropriate FWISD staff and committee members of my resignation.”

Garcia-Lopez released personal information about Kerri Rehmeyer, a mother who joined others in suing the school district to block a coronavirus-related mask mandate. Rehmeyer said she was pleased to hear about Garcia-Lopez’s departure.


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