Facebook Aids Dutch State Media, Bans Competitor 24nyt

The Danish independent news organization 24nyt faces censorship at the hands of state-run media competitors and their allies at Facebook who shut down the 35,000-member Facebook arm of their association. Journalist Jeppe Juhl denounced the suppression of their voices, blaming liberal leftists in charge who hate criticism of the insurgent-levels of immigration by Islamic agitants. (24nyt News photo)

Sputnik News – The Danish alternative news outlet 24Nyt had its Facebook page with more than 34,000 followers closed. State-owned Danish Radio (DR) acknowledged its role in the shutdown.

According to 24Nyt, Facebook announced that its page, “doesn’t follow Facebook’s policy” which is the standard message for users and organisations that have their profiles switched off. “It is known that people and media critical of immigration are exposed to Facebook’s censorship,” 24Nyt suggested in a statement.

On the same day, 24Nyt started a new Facebook page, and it also was subsequently shut down. Later, state-run Danish Radio acknowledged its part in the shutdown of their independent competitor.

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