Facebook Efforts to Free Itself From Obvious Bias Flounder

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in November announced efforts to create an unbiased content moderation system, but those efforts are floundering, indicating that a breakup of the social media monolith may be unavoidable for the sake of its more-than 2-billion users. (AP photo)

Wall Street Journal – After 15 years trying to connect the world, Facebook Inc. is attempting to set up a better system for providing oversight of its sprawling platform. That effort is proving to be far from simple.

The social media giant Thursday published a report on its efforts to create an independent content oversight board to examine some of its most controversial content moderation decisions. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg first announced plans for such a body in November.

Facebook said it has since solicited feedback from roughly 900 academics, legal scholars, free-speech advocates and journalists to inform how best to make such decisions for its more than two billion users.

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