Failing Faith: More and More Americans Express Doubt in God

The trend of decline is inescapable as Americans express more and more doubt about the very existence of God. (Daily Mail graph)

The Daily Mail – The share of Americans who say they have no doubt that God exists has declined 10 percentage points over the past three decades, according to recent survey data.

Some 53-percent of Americans said they have no doubts about a higher power in 2018, compared to 63-percent in 1988, according to the General Social Survey … Meanwhile, 5-percent of Americans identified as atheists in 2018, up from two percent in 1988.

Believers with no doubts still make up the largest share, followed by 19-percent who said they believe but doubt and 13-percent who said they believe in some kind of higher power. An additional 6-percent said they don’t know and have no way of finding out if God is real.

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