Father Learns School Daughter had to Write Out Islamic Creed

Pastor Rich Penkoski tells Christian Action Network of his outrage when he learned his 7th-grade daughter brought home a work assignment to write out the Islamic creed of faith in calligraphy at Mount Ridge Middle School in Gerrardstown, WV.


  1. This is ridiculous. I thought when other religions had issues with reciting the pledge, we were supposed to take religion out of schools. I’m ok with taking religion out of schools because, like this father, I’m the parent, I’ll do that. Seems like it was less about getting religion out of schools, and more about getting christianity out of the way. So sad, and this dad won’t have it.

  2. There are a lot of us who want to sign this petition to remove Access Islam from our schools. Please find a place where we can sign a petition to do this.


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