Federal judge refuses to vacate a “Sanctuary for the Unborn” in Texas city

Lubbock city street old antique yellow sign with blue sky at background, USA signal city series.

Lubbock, TX is one of nearly 30 American cities that has declared itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn,” with locals having approved the local ordinance on May 1 by an unofficial 61% to 38% margin.

Significantly, Lubbock is the largest city to date to have passed the measure, which became effective on June 1 and the only sanctuary city that houses an abortion clinic.

Planned Parenthood objected, to no one’s surprise. The pro-abortion group has one lone clinic in Lubbock, which opened less than a year earlier. On June 2 the baby-killing agency sued the city to have the ordinance vacated.

A week later, a federal court dismissed Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit saying the organization lacked standing to pursue its claim. The ruling was written by Judge James Hendrix of the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Texas.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton greeted the ruling with praise.

“Texas has had enough of Planned Parenthood’s attacks against the unborn,” Paxton said. “The citizens of Lubbock have spoken, and my office will stand with them. I will continue to protect the dignity of the unborn.”

Lubbock’s “Sanctuary for the Unborn” ordinance states: “Abortion at all times and all stages of pregnancy is declared to be an act of murder.”

The ordinance makes it illegal to perform or aid in an abortion within the city limits.

Texas Right to Life also gave the ruling its high praise:

“Lubbock is an example to other cities of how to boldly stand for Life,” the group stated.

“The Pro-Life movement is ever anticipating continued attack by abortion advocates. But this court action emphasizes the strength of the carefully-drafted ordinance in standing up to lawsuits,” Ashley Leenerts said.


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