Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Texas Over Border Razor Wire Issue

A federal judge has sided with Texas in its dispute with the Biden administration regarding razor wire installations at the border.

Judge Alia Moses from the U.S. Western District has mandated the Department of Homeland Security to refrain from “disassembling, degrading, or tampering” with the wire stretched along the Rio Grande banks.

The heart of the dispute lies in Eagle Pass, a hotspot where a high influx of migrants was witnessed in late September and where scores attempt entry daily.

The lawsuit was initiated against the Biden administration when border patrol agents were recorded cutting sections of the wire to facilitate the entry of border crossers.

Footage captured agents assisting migrants up the riverbanks and leading them through breaks in the wire. Judge Moses has granted a temporary restraining order, permitting federal agents to cut the wire solely for providing “emergency medical aid” to migrants, some of whom sustained injuries from the wire after crossing the Rio Grande.

However, aside from this exception, the barriers must remain untouched as the court deliberates on the case.

Texas had previously sued the Biden administration over the removal of the razor wire in Eagle Pass, which witnessed thousands of migrants in September, surpassing the capacity of federal processing and humanitarian assistance.

Governor Abbott lauded the ruling as “Another win for Texas & our historic border mission,” in a post on X, previously known as Twitter. As of now, representatives for U.S. Customs and Border Protection have yet to comment on the situation.

Judge Moses’s order exclusively highlights the wire in Eagle Pass. Yet, it’s worth noting that the Texas National Guard has erected similar barriers in other border regions with high crossing activity, including Brownsville and El Paso.

Governor Abbott’s extensive border security endeavor, dubbed Operation Lone Star, aims to deter migrants from crossing from Mexico and channel those who do through official entry points. It’s been reported that migrants, including children, have sustained injuries due to encounters with the razor wire.

Under Abbott’s leadership, Eagle Pass has become a pivotal focal point of his border strategy. Over the last two years, the state has implemented various measures, like installing floating barriers on international waters and transporting numerous migrants to Democrat-led U.S. cities.

Currently, there is a legislative push by Republicans in Texas to empower local police to arrest migrants and mandate their exit from the country.

Texas alleges that by cutting the razor wire, the federal government is compromising its border security measures. The lawsuit emphasizes the unauthorized entry of thousands of migrants in Eagle Pass.

This ruling will remain in effect until November 13, with a scheduled hearing for the case set for the upcoming week.


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