Female conservative student is chased, forced into hiding by woke mob after university event

Therese Purcell/ Twitter

Torches and pitchforks were the only things missing when a well-known, black conservative politician visited the University of Buffalo on April 7.

Much like what occurred at Yale Law School in early March, a shouting, chanting mob of leftist/Democrat/woke thugs virtually took over the school’s campus five hours before a talk by Lt. Col. Allen West was set to begin.

Theresa Purcell, the organizer of the event and president of her college’s chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom group, was actually chased into a bathroom by a mob of liberal students screaming about capturing “the girl in the red dress,” she said.

West, a Republican, was to have given a lecture titled, “America Is Not Racist: Why American Values are Exceptional.” To the leftist students and their organizers, that was a call to mob action worthy of the Salem Witch Trials.

“Starting at 2 p.m. — our speech was at 7 p.m. — there were protests throughout campus and you could hear the leftist screaming all over campus. They were disrupting classes but there wasn’t any violence prior to the event. It really started to get out of hand at the Q&A of the speech,” Purcell related to WKBW 7 News in Buffalo.

Tensions rose in that session after West spoke, and there was more anger outside the room from students who disagreed with West and would not tolerate his presence.

“He completely dismissed some of the systemic issues,” one student told 7 News as if that justified the threats and violence.

West departed with a police escort, and Purcell said more than 100 students followed her to her car.

“They quickly started running after me, and screaming at me,” said Purcell, describing how she had to hide in a men’s restroom and heard her description being shouted as well as cries to “capture” her. She said a friend was punched in the ear and kicked.

The university told 7 News on April 8 that the only reports campus police received were of harassment.

“Overall, I’m very discouraged, disturbed, and disgusted by how our university has responded to this,” Purcell said. “There are still threats being made to my members and there are a lot of implied threats on social media. There’s been doxing from the leftists on campus and the university claims they are doing an investigation but I think they need to move swifter, and I think they need to take action against this and find the individuals who organized this and who attacked us and who followed us and were harassing us on campus. I think they need to be held accountable for what they did.”


  1. Thank you for writing this, its good to know what goes on at colleges these days.
    I gotta ask, though: Was anyone lynched? Any Christian crosses turned into a weapon of terror by burning it on a person’s lawn? Any 14 year old boys tortured and mutilated and murdered by an actual *violent* mob because some girl claimed they whistled at her? No? Well, I’ll have your back if anything like that happens. There are alot of great articles on this site. In my opinion, this one was only luke-warm though. I’m glad that Theresa wasn’t hurt, and I do take issue with those who scared her.

    Also; referencing the Salem Witch trials would be more effective if those who waged said trials weren’t religiously aligned with the person doing the referencing (in this case, conservative Christians). Otherwise, it comes off like Putin claiming Americans are treating him like Stalin treated dissidents in the gulags. (Putin didn’t say anything like that, I don’t think. Its a hypothetical.)


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