Female judge (who has a trans kid) denies father custody of his transgender son

Ted Hudacko/ Linkedin

A California judge who did not disclose that she has a “transgender” child of her own – a boy pretending to be a female – denied a 56-year-old software engineer custody of his 17-year-old son who also wants to “transition” into a life of playing female, reports DailyMail.com.

The father, who works for Apple, has not seen his transgender son for two years. He had questioned if the teen was mature enough to make the decision, and as everyone in the “woke” world knows the gender-related whims of teenagers cannot be questioned and must be indulged.

Ted Hudacko claims that in 2019 Christine, his estranged wife told him that their 15-year-old son wanted to start living as a female. She left Ted that same day, taking the teen and the couple’s younger son, who is now 15. She filed for divorce later the same year.

The resulting custody battle between Hudacko and his wife, a former PR executive, has played out in front of Contra Costa Judge Joni Hiramoto.

Only in June 2020 Hiramoto denied Hudacko custody of the teenager, limiting him to supervised visits after Hudacko questioned whether the child was mature enough to make a decision as life-altering deciding he wants to try to be a female.

The judge also asked Hudacko if he thought it was a “sin” for a person to transition, and said he should accept the child’s wishes even if he said he identified as the “Queen of England,” City Journal reported. Hudacko said he did not consider it a “sin.”

As it turns out, Judge Hiramoto’s own child “transitioned” from male to female the previous year, which could easily be seen as playing a strong role in the judgment of the case, since her pronouncements would be reinforcing her own actions as well.

Social media messages between the judge and her son show her supporting him through the transition, writing: “I am so proud to your mom.”

Hiramoto’s child celebrated one year of “female” -ness in May 2020, three months before the judge stripped Hudacko of custody of his son.

Hiramoto never raised it as a potential conflict of interest.

Hudacko’s son, now 17, has begun therapy by having an implant put in his arm that will halt puberty as a male.


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