Florida and West Virginia move bills to ban trans ‘girls’ from high school sports

Gov Ron DeSantis

Florida and West Virginia are the latest states to stand up for the female gender, advancing legislation that would ban transgender men from competing in women’s high school athletics.

The measure was passed by the state’s Republican-led legislature on April 28, and it will be signed by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, The Orlando Sentinel reports. It was reportedly passed mostly along party lines after being amended into a charter school bill.

Passage came just hours West Virginia’s Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill to ban transgender athletes from competing in female sports in high schools and colleges.

Similar legislation has been passed in recent months by Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, and Idaho adopted a ban on men in women’s sports last year. A federal judge issued a temporary injunction, however, against the Idaho law.

“We don’t need to wait until there’s a problem in Florida for us to act,” Republican Rep. Kaylee Tuck, the sponsor of the original bill, reportedly said.

More than two dozen other states are weighing similar bans, since biologically male “women” have definite physical advantages over actual women and have been dominating the female sports in which they compete.

LGBT advocacy groups and civil rights advocates say the measures are discriminatory, and that women’s titles, trophies and championships should go to men who think they should be women.


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