Florida group tells schools, ‘No child should be subjected to the ravages of Drag Queen and LGBTQ mentality’

Rep. Mike Hill (Photo: Pensacola News Journal)

As indoctrination of schoolchildren to homosexual behavior becomes more aggressive nationwide, conservatives are fighting back and arousing the ire of LGBT activists who have come to expect meek acquiescence.

In Florida, a group called the Freedom Speaks Coalition, Inc. and headed by a former state lawmaker hosted a daylong conference this week to examine how public schools can do more to “protect our kids from the dangers of the LGBT ideology,” a press release stated.

The “Parent Power 2020” conference, which included Rep. Mike Hll, hosted several speakers from the state legislature, sparked swift condemnation from LGBT advocates, who called it dangerous right-wing extremism.

The Marianna, Fla.-based group, headed by former Florida House Rep. Bev Kilmer, lobbies against the “sexualization” of sex education taught in K-12 classrooms and says that students need to be safeguarded from what it calls “Gender Training” by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates.

“No child should be subjected to the ravages of the Drag Queen and LGBTQ mentality in today’s classrooms and libraries,” the group’s press release said. “No child should be forced to think about ‘gender fluidity’ much less be told they will one day have to choose one.”

Jon Harris Maurer, public policy director of Equality Florida, a LGBT civil rights organization, told the Tallahassee Democrat the coalition is what poses a threat to families. “This group of ultra right-wing extremists is far out of touch with everyday Floridians, while trying to get attention and raise money off the backs of LGBTQ youth,” Maurer said. “This is the fake morality that these people are peddling in Tallahassee by targeting LGBTQ young people.”

The coalition says it’s also against allowing the Quran, the Islamic holy book, into schools or government buildings. It also equates abortion with genocide in its press release announcing the conference. Additionally, the group maintains teachers should not be forced to teach topics “that are known to be untrue or against their faith and conscience.”



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