Former CIA Director Brennan “Concerned”

Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan, whom many allege was the mastermind behind the “Deep State” bureaucratic coup against President Trump during the campaign and after his inauguration… 

…states that he is very “concerned” about the Department of Justice review of the origins of the fake Russian issue perpetrated against our legally elected president.

Of course, Brennan, Obama and Islam loyalist, could be “concerned” that the truth about his and other Obama administration officials’ illegal activities will be exposed and they could possible even face criminal charges.

It hasn’t been reported that he was likewise “concerned” about the many investigations against President Trump.

( 10-3-19)

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Jerry Skirvin
Jerry Skirvin is a board member of Christian Action Network. He served as an assistant and political adviser to Dr. Falwell. In 1979 he was appointed regional coordinator of Dr. Falwell’s groundbreaking pro-family organization, the Moral Majority. Throughout his 40-year career he has worked with numerous traditional-values organizations and their leaders, including Col. Oliver North, the Rutherford Institute and Liberty Council. Jerry is also co-author of Martin Mawyer's book, "You Are Chosen!"


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